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Tourists dressed for the day as maiko (apprentice geisha-s), Gion, Kyoto, 2009

Most of my personal, real-life-related postings are now friends-only. I'm gradually moving most of my fanfic and meta over to Archive of Our Own (AO3) so please check there if that's what you're looking for.

You're welcome to friend me if you like. If I don't friend back right away, please don't be offended as there's truly no offence intended. I probably feel that we need to know each other better before I open up my personal life to you. Bear in mind that I try to keep my f'list well trimmed back, so I typically add someone as a friend only when we've already chatted on a comm and it's apparent we have interests in common beyond fandom.

Having said that: if we already know each other a bit, and I haven't already scared you off... by all means shoot me a comment ♥
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