My [ profile] picfor1000 assignment for 2015 is a black cat and a castle :

Jan. 9th, 2015 04:54 am
chamekke: (maneki_neko_live_long_prosper_by_semyaza)
[personal profile] chamekke
The challenge 13 theme is "unlucky things" (I guess because it's the 13th challenge), and each participant is given a photograph to inspire any fic as long as it weighs in at exactly 1,000 words. Here's my pic:

Admittedly I did go AWOL on my assignment for the previous 2 years. Well, third time lucky, I say! THIS IS THE YEAR WHERE I BREAK THAT TREND. *determined face*

Luckily this image has tons of potential. I've been toying with various ideas involving (a) Sleepy Hollow, (b) Shirley Jackson (i.e. a postscript story to We Have Always Lived In The Castle, because clearly that IS Jonas outside the Blackwood home), or just maybe (c) Warehouse 13. I figure, in a pinch I can do a fic where an artefact turns the world black and white. You know, the way things were in the olden days.

That said - if your first reaction to the pic is "OMFG this would be perfect for {fandom/plot bunny}", I am definitely all ears! *chinhands*

Not sure how many of you are also doing the challenge? I know [ profile] draycevixen and [ profile] severinne have both signed up. How are you faring with your prompt?
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