Apr. 5th, 2017

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I have this sleepy old Dreamwidth account which I keep forgetting about. (This is not news.)

Now that LJ has updated its TOS, it seems like a good time to reimport my LJ and begin properly cross-posting. As far as I can make out, that only works automatically if you compose your posts here on DW and have them cross-posted automatically to LJ. (I wish LJ was more into switching, but there you go.)

Anyway, I've never actually cross-posted before, so this is me giving it the old trial run before I abuse my new powers.

This doesn't mean I'm going to flee LJ* - but honestly, my friends and fandoms are so fragmented across platforms, the new terms of service and Russiocentricity are only likely to speed the exodus. So I feel it's important to do what I can to stay** in touch.***

Now the only problem is whether anyone is still active on LJ ;-)


*Leaving aside its interface (less clunky than DW's), LJ also works nicely as an rss feed
**or, more honestly, get back in, as I've been largely AWOL from social media for at least a year
***as long as it doesn't involve moving to tumblr, which makes me weep.
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Another bingo to add to my collection of binghi! From the good folks at genprompt_bingo.

And this one is delightful. (Check out that first square.) Now I'm trying to think how they might be applied to my latest fandom loves: The Magicians and The Expanse.

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