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(...Assuming there's at least one on my f'list ;-)

Can you kindly point me to any fic-oriented Sherlock Holmes comms that are ACD-friendly? And/or canon-focused?

I have a sudden yearning to write a Study in Scarlet-based fic based on a plot bunny I hatched several decades years ago.

Mind you, it will involve digging out my copy of The Haymarket Tragedy, which: eep! *looks at unlabelled stack of book cartons with a sudden qualm*
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I'm working on a meta essay for [ profile] lifein1973 that's *cough* just a bit image-heavy. The pics are in JPEG format and already optimized for the Web; that part's fine. But there are several dozen (at present), and even if I reduce the number somewhat and then split the essay into parts... that's still quite a lot. The task is intimidating enough that I've been procrastinating over this like crazy.

So, I want to ask those of you who've uploaded/inserted multiple images into a LiveJournal post: what's the easiest, most efficient method? Do you save the pics to PhotoBucket and link to them? Do you use LJ's Scrapbook feature? *shudder* Or is there another approach that works well for you?

Thanks ♥

And now, because you've been so kind as to read's a Lovely Owl!

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