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For Loz, who wanted this :-)

Banner: Full of Women - an analysis of episode 2x04

Warning: This is long. Seriously long. With lots of thinky thoughts. And picspam! But still: long. Couldn't hurt to make some tea first.

Ready, then?

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Moustaches: the very hair of manliness. Where would Life on Mars be without them? Nowhere, that's where. Can you imagine Ray without his moustache, or Litton? I can't.

So when I read that Dean Andrews is regrowing his Ray moustache to raise money for prostate cancer, I realised that Movember is indeed the perfect month for a picspammy profile of...

The Moustachio'ed Men of Mars!!! )
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I wanted to suggest a theme for recs week 2011 on the [ profile] lifein1973 comm, then realised that the subject deserves a closer look.

My theme suggestion: any fics (or other fanworks) that focus on a character of colour in Life on Mars. Then I thought, who exactly would that be? We all know Maya and Nelson, Glen and Eve; but just how many others are there?

Here's my effort at putting together an all-inclusive list... )
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The Nameless Ones (banner)

I'm taking a break from my [ profile] lifein1973 Ficathon assignment to share my fangirl love for the Nameless Ones of Life on Mars. These unsung, literally smoking heroes of CID appear in the background of many a scene, even get to mutter the occasional line, yet receive virtually no acknowledgement.

Until now! )
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