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Summary: Nothing is stronger than a mother's love... not even her tapestry needle.
Author's note: Written for the Icon Challenge on the LiveJournal community [ profile] lifein1973 on 9-Dec-11. The icon in question is, um... *points up and to the right*

"Mum! I can't wear this!"

"Stop fidgeting, lad, or I'll stick you with a pin. —Ah, that's more like."

"Evening jackets are supposed to be elegant, mum. Not flocked. I look like I'm wearing a bloody sofa..."

"Language! What the Lord Mayor doesn't know won't hurt him. It worked for Maria von Trapp and it'll work for you. Now stop fussing."

"The other men have off-the-rack..."

"Well, they don't have mothers who love their sons, then. —All right, you can look now."

"Ah, God..."

"—And if you keep moaning, it'll be more than curtains for YOU, sonny-jim!"
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Summary: His mission: to protect the prozzies, the drunks, the stray dogs, the little old men.
Author's note: Written for the challenge High Concept on the LiveJournal community lifein1973 on 21-Oct-11.

By day he's a senior police officer. He cultivates the aura of a compromised bureaucrat, a man infinitely more devoted to his career path than to justice.

In his wildest dreams, he never expected his disguise to be so convincing.

When darkness falls, he takes out the cape, the leggings, and strokes them reverently. Then he runs up to the roof, dons his costume like a knight strapping on his armour, and leaps into the night's embrace.

His mission: to protect the prozzies, the drunks, the stray dogs, the little old men.

It's a bird! It's a plane!

It's... Superintendent.
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nSeveral readers have asked me questions about my Big Bang fic, There's a Land of Begin Again. What's really going on with Sam? What does the ending mean? Has his timeline completely gone off the rails? And so on.

So I thought it couldn't hurt to share this DVD commentary with those who want to know more. If you've read the fic and you're curious, read on.

If you haven't actually read the fic, HERE BE MAJOR SPOILERS! You should *discreet cough* probably go off and read the fic before proceeding.

So, that having been said, here's the deep background on the fic.

When I was 13 years old, my friend Karen was in a car accident. She awoke with complete retrograde amnesia... )
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Title: There's a Land of Begin Again
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)
Author: [ profile] chamekke
Rating: Blue Cortina, PG-13
Word count: 21,660 words.
Warning/s: Secondary character deaths, some violence, but nothing very graphic in either case. Mild medical detail.
Summary: Sam jumps in 2006 — and wakes up as a 12-year-old boy in a 1950 hospital bed.
Notes: Sam & Gene, gen/friendship, AR but not AU. Angst, timey-wimeyness, amnesia. You know: the usual.

Link to story: There's a Land of Begin Again (on AO3)
Link to title song: There's a Land of Begin Again by Vera Lynn (1942)

Many thanks to [ profile] lozenger8 and [ profile] draycevixen for their beta'ing and generous encouragement, and to [ profile] severinne for being a shoulder to cry on ♥ Extra-special gratitude to [ profile] grassle for editing, proofreading, and Britpicking above and beyond the call of duty. And of course, kisses to [ profile] hambelandjemima for organising the very first Big Bang challenge so that we can enjoy all these fantastic fics and artwork. Mwah!

Artwork for this fic was furnished by the lovely [ profile] wolviecat; you can see her illustrations here (note that they do contain spoilers).

And for those who have already read the fic, but wondering about what's "really" going on... here's the DVD commentary :-D

Realised that I never posted my fic to my own LJ. My apologies to everyone who has already seen this posted on the [ profile] lom_bigbang comm.
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Title: Infinite Jest
Author: chamekke
Rating: Green Cortina
Word count: 6,000
Notes: Written for [ profile] nepthys_uk, as part of the Ficathon 2010 on [ profile] lifein1973, using her prompts 'ensemble, humour, DCI Litton's game of one-upmanship'. Huge thanks to [ profile] draycevixen for her encouragement and suggestions.
Summary: Two DCIs. Two egos. One station.

The problem with a prank war is that you can't trust ANYONE. )
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Title: Is There a Moonlight Up Ahead
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 100 words.
Challenge: Friday Drabble Challenge #75 (Mistake)
Prompt used: Mistake.
Notes: This was first posted to [ profile] lifein1973 on 2010-04-09. Written after I spotted something intriguing in a screenshot from 2x08.

The man stood, his head bowed. )
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my fanfic

Like it says on the tin! Welcome to my archive of Life on Mars fics and other fannish wanderings. In each section, the newest fic is at the top. Most of my completed works are archived on Archive of our Own (AO3), which is where I'll be moving everything eventually, and where most of these links now point. I'm pretty sure I'm not pointing to any obsolete pages, but if you hit a bad link, please let me know.

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