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For Loz, who wanted this :-)

Banner: Full of Women - an analysis of episode 2x04

Warning: This is long. Seriously long. With lots of thinky thoughts. And picspam! But still: long. Couldn't hurt to make some tea first.

Ready, then?

Part 1 of 2 )

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Moustaches: the very hair of manliness. Where would Life on Mars be without them? Nowhere, that's where. Can you imagine Ray without his moustache, or Litton? I can't.

So when I read that Dean Andrews is regrowing his Ray moustache to raise money for prostate cancer, I realised that Movember is indeed the perfect month for a picspammy profile of...

The Moustachio'ed Men of Mars!!! )
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nSeveral readers have asked me questions about my Big Bang fic, There's a Land of Begin Again. What's really going on with Sam? What does the ending mean? Has his timeline completely gone off the rails? And so on.

So I thought it couldn't hurt to share this DVD commentary with those who want to know more. If you've read the fic and you're curious, read on.

If you haven't actually read the fic, HERE BE MAJOR SPOILERS! You should *discreet cough* probably go off and read the fic before proceeding.

So, that having been said, here's the deep background on the fic.

When I was 13 years old, my friend Karen was in a car accident. She awoke with complete retrograde amnesia... )
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I wanted to suggest a theme for recs week 2011 on the [ profile] lifein1973 comm, then realised that the subject deserves a closer look.

My theme suggestion: any fics (or other fanworks) that focus on a character of colour in Life on Mars. Then I thought, who exactly would that be? We all know Maya and Nelson, Glen and Eve; but just how many others are there?

Here's my effort at putting together an all-inclusive list... )
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The Nameless Ones (banner)

I'm taking a break from my [ profile] lifein1973 Ficathon assignment to share my fangirl love for the Nameless Ones of Life on Mars. These unsung, literally smoking heroes of CID appear in the background of many a scene, even get to mutter the occasional line, yet receive virtually no acknowledgement.

Until now! )
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