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I've been reading and admiring everyone's "2012 fic in review" posts. There's been a lot of fabulous writing over the last year!

My sole published fic for 2012 was a drabble, so I will spare y'all a post in which I choose which one is the best fic, most underrated, most commented-upon, etc. Let's just say it wasn't the most productive year ;-)

So it's clearly time to get back on the horse. I've signed up for the [ profile] picfor1000 challenge, whose theme is "copper, silver, and gold"; every prompt photo includes one of these (the colour, at least, if not the metal itself). My pic assignment is over here. It's a pair of golden rings, very beautifully photographed.

I like my pic, it's definitely got a lot of potential, but on the whole it's always much easier to brainstorm other people's prompts than my own (why is that). So right now I'm staring at it and trying to think of associations and plot bunnies that are likely to work comfortably with the 1,000-words-exactly format. That's the fun AND the challenge, of course :-)

Unsurprisingly, most of the ideas I've had so far are high crack.
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Fresh from [ profile] wrisomifu 2010 (and with piping hot updates from 2011): some goodies!

Wrisomifu stands for "Write Something, You Miserable Fuck". It's an LJ comm that runs every November, and its members promise to write for a minimum of ten minutes a day during the entire month of November and to check in daily to report on the suffering. It's great fun (when it's not absolute agony), and I plan to sign up again in 2011.

Anyway! Although it's a closed community, the moderators kindly allowed me to collect all the links on writing and put them onto Delicious as shared links so that everyone can benefit from their collective hard work.

How to overcome writer's block! Links on beta'ing and self-editing! Tips on writing slash, identifying clich├ęs... it's all here. Need a spot of Britpicking? How about background on the components of men's suits? Oh yeah, baby - and that's just a small sample! Browse and discover.

Link: Wrisomifu on Delicious

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