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Another bingo to add to my collection of binghi! From the good folks at genprompt_bingo.

And this one is delightful. (Check out that first square.) Now I'm trying to think how they might be applied to my latest fandom loves: The Magicians and The Expanse.

So you have to be attractive to be groped uninvited by Trump. Finally! A reason to want to be ugly! Adrenaline Junkie Shoes Co-workers Dreams and Nightmares
Reincarnation Afternoon Missed Opportunities / Words Unsaid Sleepovers and Pyjama Parties Tragedy
Corpses / Skeletons / Remains Glorious Wild Card Dread Mary Sue / Gary Stu / Authorial Confusions and Other Signifiers of badfic
The Eyes are the Window of the Soul Butcher / Baker / Candlestickmaker: Tradesman Canon Themes Five Things Science and Magic
Silence Androids and robots Holiday Cottages Black and White Infiltration
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I have this sleepy old Dreamwidth account which I keep forgetting about. (This is not news.)

Now that LJ has updated its TOS, it seems like a good time to reimport my LJ and begin properly cross-posting. As far as I can make out, that only works automatically if you compose your posts here on DW and have them cross-posted automatically to LJ. (I wish LJ was more into switching, but there you go.)

Anyway, I've never actually cross-posted before, so this is me giving it the old trial run before I abuse my new powers.

This doesn't mean I'm going to flee LJ* - but honestly, my friends and fandoms are so fragmented across platforms, the new terms of service and Russiocentricity are only likely to speed the exodus. So I feel it's important to do what I can to stay** in touch.***

Now the only problem is whether anyone is still active on LJ ;-)


*Leaving aside its interface (less clunky than DW's), LJ also works nicely as an rss feed
**or, more honestly, get back in, as I've been largely AWOL from social media for at least a year
***as long as it doesn't involve moving to tumblr, which makes me weep.
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*blushes* I have a terrible habit of signing up for binghi and not doing them.


Anyway, here's what I got from trope_bingo this time. Why didn't I opt out of AU: ROYALTY/ARISTOCRACY/FEUDAL, you may ask? Because I thought it might be fun to write a spot of yeomen slash. Peasant porn! Let's see if that bunny survives infancy ;-)

Actually, the nicest thing about trope_bingo is you're allowed to mess with the tropes any way you like. Some of these would be quite a lot of fun to mess with. *plots*



P.S. Trope definitions here.
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(Yes, I'm procrastinating like mad on some tedious chores. Is it obvious?)

Margaret Atwood:

Alex Kingston as River Song:

"CanCon, sweetie."
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The challenge 13 theme is "unlucky things" (I guess because it's the 13th challenge), and each participant is given a photograph to inspire any fic as long as it weighs in at exactly 1,000 words. Here's my pic:

Admittedly I did go AWOL on my assignment for the previous 2 years. Well, third time lucky, I say! THIS IS THE YEAR WHERE I BREAK THAT TREND. *determined face*

Luckily this image has tons of potential. I've been toying with various ideas involving (a) Sleepy Hollow, (b) Shirley Jackson (i.e. a postscript story to We Have Always Lived In The Castle, because clearly that IS Jonas outside the Blackwood home), or just maybe (c) Warehouse 13. I figure, in a pinch I can do a fic where an artefact turns the world black and white. You know, the way things were in the olden days.

That said - if your first reaction to the pic is "OMFG this would be perfect for {fandom/plot bunny}", I am definitely all ears! *chinhands*

Not sure how many of you are also doing the challenge? I know [ profile] draycevixen and [ profile] severinne have both signed up. How are you faring with your prompt?
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As some of you know, I study Japanese tea ceremony. This hobby requires me to wear kimono. Also, obi - that wide "sash" you see worn around the waist although IMHO a better descriptor would be waist trimming sauna belt, those suckers are HOT.

Anyway! Ichiroya is a second-hand online kimono and obi shop in Japan, and a good place to find affordable togs. I was idly browsing through today's offerings when I came across this little number in the obi section:


I thought, there's something eerily familiar about this, isn't there? So I looked at a close-up:


Extre-e-e-eme close-up:





To be honest ... if I could embroider a musketeer hat onto this thing, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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The 2-hour premiere of Agent Carter aired tonight (2 episodes shown back-to-back), and I gotta say, it was pretty damn wonderful.

I'm sure most reviewers enjoyed it. The creators had diligently studded the eps with period references: you get the radio serials, the Horn & Hardart-style automat, the fast talking high trousers male agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), and of course a busy office switchboard (and how much fun was it to see Agent Peggy Carter march smartly through a secret doorway, Get Smart-style, which magically appeared thanks to the deft movements of a switchboard operator?).

But I'm going to talk about the parts I loved.

Starting with friendships between women! )
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This is ganked from [ profile] blythechild, [ profile] draycevixen and who knows how many other people by the time I finish typing this ;-)

1. Choose a fandom from the following list: ACD Sherlock Holmes; Almost Human; Battlestar Galactica; BBC Sherlock; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Cabin Pressure; Caprica; Castle; CBC's The National; The Clangers; Community; Eternal Law; Father Ted; Jane Austen (all); Life on Mars; Monty Python; Sleepy Hollow; Warehouse 13. There, that should be enough to suit anyone!

2. Comment here with one of the above fandoms.

3. I will tell you the following:

• The first character I first fell in love with
• The character everyone else loves that I don’t
• The character I love that everyone else hates
• The character I used to love but don’t any longer
• The character I would totally smooch/get friendly with
• The character I’d want to be like
• The character I’d slap
• A pairing that I love
• A pairing that I despise
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...that the moment I squeed the loudest in The Hobbit was when Martin Freeman not only got into a flap about his doilies, but also snatched a certain macramé plant hanger from the hands of an impertinent dwarf.

Because I felt that it obscurely vindicated this. *cough* Slashy manly fibre arts FTW!

Which is my subtle way of saying, it would oil my antimacassar something wonderful if a certain prompt over at comment_fic were to get filled.

Just sayin'.

P.S. Doily doily doily.
P.P.S. As it happens that is one of my mother's doilies under the teacup in my usericon. Doilyverse love!

Crochety young hobbit is canon ♥
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Thanks to [ profile] rhuia, I spent a lot of time this evening thinking about the much-missed mundane_bingo comm over on DreamWidth.

Now there's a bingo after my own heart, although like so many other fabulous comms (yes, I'm looking at you, [ profile] metafandom) it became moribund long before I learnt of its existence.

Anyway, mundane_bingo was special because it offered prompts like these:

• trying to decide where to eat dinner with a group
• birds poop on clean drying laundry
• using a lint roller to get pet fur off your clothes
• foot falling asleep

...and then people actually wrote fics for them <333

As I was mooning over the final mundane_bingo post, I noticed for the first time that the creators actually offered some interesting permutations. You could request an American-oriented card, a European-oriented card, or (special third option!) "a card that does not skew towards an American or European perspective of mundane".

So naturally* I thought, "What would a Canadian mundane card look like?" And set out to design one.

And here's the result! Feel free to use any of these if you're stumped by your [ profile] picfor1000 prompt; I'll make it totally kosher by including this year's prompt in the wildcard square. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Someone at work brings in a box of Timbits
Voting in local by-election
Too much/too little salt on roads in winter
Forgot to put store receipt in paper recycling bin
Reads latest Michael Ondaatje because one feels one should
Not enough maple syrup for waffles
Finds Don Cherry annoying
Flummoxed about how to pronounce flocons de maïs
Brief fretting over whether to take elevator vs. stairs
Knows someone whose brother owns a snowmobile
Embarrassed over having studied French for 10 years in school yet still cannot hold simple conversation or follow news on Radio-Canada
Using chopsticks
FREE SPACE! or, Group 11

ESPACE LIBRE! ou, Groupe Onze
Does not know cost of a first-class postage stamp
Flosses with exaggerated diligence just before visit to dentist
Knows and can sing the chorus of "I'se The B'y" (but none of the verses)
Landlord will not allow pets
Still not used to metric OR is very comfortable with metric
Coin laundry does not accept new loonies
Overly talkative taxi driver
Filing income tax on time
Is roundly scolded by stranger for failing to pick up dog poop
Queuing obediently for a bus
Likes earflaps on hat even though they look silly
Has never eaten poutine

*In fact, gratuitiously imposing a 'Canadian' framework on any passing trifle is not only the sheer definition of true Canuckitude, it should probably be included ON THE CARD ITSELF.


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I've been reading and admiring everyone's "2012 fic in review" posts. There's been a lot of fabulous writing over the last year!

My sole published fic for 2012 was a drabble, so I will spare y'all a post in which I choose which one is the best fic, most underrated, most commented-upon, etc. Let's just say it wasn't the most productive year ;-)

So it's clearly time to get back on the horse. I've signed up for the [ profile] picfor1000 challenge, whose theme is "copper, silver, and gold"; every prompt photo includes one of these (the colour, at least, if not the metal itself). My pic assignment is over here. It's a pair of golden rings, very beautifully photographed.

I like my pic, it's definitely got a lot of potential, but on the whole it's always much easier to brainstorm other people's prompts than my own (why is that). So right now I'm staring at it and trying to think of associations and plot bunnies that are likely to work comfortably with the 1,000-words-exactly format. That's the fun AND the challenge, of course :-)

Unsurprisingly, most of the ideas I've had so far are high crack.
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I bought this locally brewed beer today purely for the awesome label.


More goodies below the cut! )
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(...Assuming there's at least one on my f'list ;-)

Can you kindly point me to any fic-oriented Sherlock Holmes comms that are ACD-friendly? And/or canon-focused?

I have a sudden yearning to write a Study in Scarlet-based fic based on a plot bunny I hatched several decades years ago.

Mind you, it will involve digging out my copy of The Haymarket Tragedy, which: eep! *looks at unlabelled stack of book cartons with a sudden qualm*
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...After watching it being put off for 4 months here, 3 months there...?

It's actually HERE. Hallelujah!

I'll be in my bunk... reading :-)
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Something WONDERFUL has happened <333

Recently, and entirely out of the blue, @Glinner (Graham Linehan) tweeted:

No-one is paying me for this tweet! Buy official Ted T-shirts (some of them designed by ME!) here!

And OK, sucker for T-shirts here, so I looked *cough* ... and if I may say so, these are feckin' gorgeous. I may have to plunder my bank account for these three shirts at least:

Warning, these may make no sense unless you've seen the episodes

Pity they're so pricey, on second thought it's the 'cocaine' one for now, I'll just save up for the next 10 ;-)


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